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Tested to Reduce Crime Sold Secure

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Sold Secure is dedicated to reducing the risk of crime by the assessment of security products. Established in 1992 by Northumbria and Essex Police with the help and backing of the Home Office. Sold Secure is now owned and administered by the Master Locksmiths Association (a not for profit trade association) and works from purpose built laboratories in Rugby.

The scheme has close ties with a number of constabularies and insurers who provide regular information regarding the methods of theft and the tools utilised by criminals in their areas. This helps to maintain up to date specifications and means security products can be assessed in the light of the risk they are likely to encounter when in use. Now products are tested by a highly motivated team of professional locksmiths under the direction of a small board of directors who meet on a regular basis to administer the scheme and move the process forward in keeping with modern theft methods.

Sold Secure’s only source of income is from the fees it levies to undertake its work. However, as the company is non profit distributing it is able to offer its services at very competitive rates. All surplus income is reinvested in crime prevention.

Manufacturers and suppliers can apply to have their products approved by Sold Secure. Products which have been satisfactorily assessed may bear the Sold Secure Quality Mark. Information on these approved products is circulated by Sold Secure to crime prevention officers, insurance companies, the media, the Home Office and the public, and is available free to those who require it.

Sold Secure Approval is classified into 3 main categories; Bronze, Silver & Gold (with an additional Diamond level for certain Caravan, Tracker & Cylinder Lock security products). The categories reflect the amount of time per test and the tools that are used and themselves vary depending on what test specification is being used. The higher the grading (Bronze is the lowest) the higher the security provided by the product.

The Sold Secure Approved Product list gives the reader an insight into the more effective security products, it does not give any form of guarantee that these products will be 100% effective in combating crime. Also, it does not guarantee that these methods are suitable for specific applications. It is the responsibility of the equipment supplier and equipment purchaser to ensure that any system is suitable to its particular application and that it complies with all legislation, standards, codes of practice or any other requirement. Every effort has been made to ensure the contents of the list are accurate, however Sold Secure does not accept any responsibility for loss arising from decisions based upon it.

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