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Burg Wachter 1600 HB 170/280 D-Lock

The Burg Wachter 1600 HB 170/280 D Lock is a Sold Secure gold rated bicycle d lock.

Sturdy, secure and dependable – The 1600 HB D-lock is the ideal solution for keeping your bicycle secure on the move. Easy to use, just insert the key, remove the shackle, place it around a strong immovable object and push it back into the lock body. Available with a standard 210mm shackle or an extra-long 280mm variant for extra reach. The supplied bracket attaches easily to the bicycle frame and makes taking it on the move easy – no need to remember to place it in your bag.


  • Strong and robust long shackle lock
  • Hardened steel shackle and body resists hacksaw and bolt croppers
  • Double-bolted shackle for extra strength against pull attack
  • Shackle and body covered in durable plastic to protect against scratches
  • Includes an easy to fit bracket for mounting to bicycle frame
  • Covered key hole
  • Sold Secure approved to Bicycle Gold standard
  • Secured by Design recommended
  • Standard shackle on 1600 HB 170/210 or long shackle on 1600 HB 170/280
Company: Burg-Wachter UK Ltd
Product Categories: Bicycle Security
Product Type: D Lock
Contact Sales
Telephone: 01274 395333
Grading: Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Gold

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