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ABUS 53/160 HB230 Granit London

The ABUS Granit London 53 Bike D Lock has been specifically developed for the UK market and has and insurance approval by Sold Secure to Gold level. A thick double loop Cobra Cable is part of this package.

This lock features a 13mm round profile shackle. Benefitting from the patented Powercell double locking mechanism, this Granit lock is exceptionally resistant to pulling and torsional attacks.

Additional security features on the Granit London 53 lock include the ABUS Plus lock cylinder that offers advanced protection from picking or drilling.

The shackle, the lock body and the supporting elements of the locking mechanism are all made of special hardened steel. ABUS supplies this durable lock to easily fit a USH bracket for convenient transport on your bike.

The Cobra Cable is great for securing helmets and accessories.

Company: ABUS
Product Categories: Bicycle Security
Product Type: D Lock
Contact Roger Seal
Telephone: 0117 204 7000
Grading: Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Gold

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