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Granit X Plus 54/160 HB230

ABUS Granit X Plus 54/160 HB230 D lock is a Sold Secure approved lock for use with bicycles and motorcycles.

  • Special hardened 13mm square sized shackle offers highest resistance against all sorts of brutal attacks (sawing, torsion, cutting) 
  • Patented PARABOLIC shape of the shackle offers increased pulling (car jack attacks) resistance and torsion resistance
  • Patented ABUS POWERCELL technology offers highest resistance against pulling attacks and prevents the attack power being transferred through the whole lock body
  • Patented ABUS X Plus cylinder for highest picking resistance
  • Automatic key hole cover
  • Highest ease of use and security in combination with very low weight Innovative and very universal TexKF bracket
  • Key replacement Keyed alike or master keyed options available
Company: ABUS
Product Categories: Motorcycle Security Products
Product Type: D Lock
Contact Roger Seal
Telephone: 0117 204 7000
Grading: Powered Cycle (Formerly Motorcycle) - Gold
Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Diamond

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