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Bikeep Smart Bike Dock

Smart Bike Station is a complete product solution enabling organized bicycle parking. It is meant for personal bike commutersto have a safe and seamless start and end of the commuting experiences in city-wide station networks.Bikeep's Bike Parking Solution is defined by the combination of station hardware, a smart system, and related digital services, that enable the full experience of seamless and secure bike parking to the commuters.Powerful end-user applicationBikeep's Mobile App enables users to interact with the parking network throughout the city. End-users can plan their commutes ahead of time, access the parking stations at the reached location and get fast support in case of need.

1. Internet-connectedScan QR to start parking with the Bikeep app
2. Contactless card reader13.56Mhz reader3. Led indicationsOpen / Close / Reserved4. Locking barEasy to use, secure steel5. Smart controller insideInternet-connected, alarm forwarding

Company: Bikeep Inc
Product Categories: Bicycle Security
Product Type: Cycle Stand
Contact Harri Aro
Telephone: +372 58116041
Grading: Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Bronze

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