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Burg Wachter Gamma Padlock 700 55

Burg Wachter Gamma Padlock 700 55 is a Sold Secure silver rated padlock.

The padlock 700 Gamma from BURG-WÄCHTER guarantees a very high tear resistance.The lock owes its stability and security to its solid brass body and ultra-hard shackle, which is additionally double ball-secured.

The body is coated with a high-quality plastic material, which not only ensures a secure grip but also a pleasant feel as well as a beautiful appearance.The security lock 700 Gamma is equipped with a precision locking mechanism. The cylinder is protected against drilling several times.In addition, the internal mechanism is resistant to rust.Always on the safe side - with the padlock 700 Gamma. 


  • solid brass body
  • high breaking strength
  • protectiv plastic cover
  • ultra-hardenend shackle with double ball bearing locking
  • high precision cylinder
  • rustproof interior
  • cylinder multi-protected against drilling
Company: Burg-Wachter UK Ltd
Product Categories: Padlocks & Fittings,Bicycle Security
Product Type: Padlock
Contact Sales
Telephone: 01274 395333
Grading: Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Silver

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