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Gatelock Van Large (Slam Lock)

GATELOCK VAN LARGE is the lock made specifically for its application on box vans or trucks. Like the Gatelock Van Medium, it is equipped with a rotary locking system and uses a high-security key cylinder, certified by the Giordano Institute in accordance with the European standard UNI EN1303. Impossible to duplicate or copy. The lock is permanently installed on the vehicle doors and is automatically armed by simply closing the doors.

  • Compliant with CCNP standardisation
  • Durable due to use of solid materials and quality-enhancing surface treatments.
  • Resistant to attempted break-ins using hand tools
  • There is no possibility of opening from the inside.
  • Strong visual deterrent
  • Easy to install
  • Protects against burglary attempts
  • Strong visual deterrent
  • Cannot be gripped with break-in tools; resistant to drills and grinders
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use, even single-handedly
  • Highest level of protection
  • Lock catch is fully protected
  • Self-levelling operation
  • Flexible; closes all doors with a single key
  • Can be used as a slamlock and deadlock
Company: Blockshaft SRL Unipersonale
Product Categories: Automotive Vehicle Security Products
Product Type: Van Door Lock
Contact Mr Marcos Munari
Telephone: +39 3923636826
Grading: Automotive - Diamond

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