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Litelok GO Flexi-O

The LITELOK GO,  a super lightweight bike lock approved by Sold Secure, offering maximum locking flexibility and greater reach around fixed objects. GO Flexi-O is up to 50% of the weight of traditional D or U locks, and can be effortlessly worn whilst riding when paired with an adjustable GO Wearable kit.

Ideal for e-scooters and bicycles including road bikes, it is easy to carry whilst on the GO, and provides the lightest, insurance rated flexible security. This secure lightweight bike lock is perfect for worry-free short stops as well as longer stays in low risk areas.

  • Insurance rated lightweight lock for bicycles & e-scooters
  • Independently accredited: Sold Secure Bicycle Silver and ART 2
  • Available in three sizes: 52cm, 70cm and 85cm
  • *Can be mounted on your bicycle or worn whilst riding with an adjustable GO Wearable kit (sold separately)
Company: Litelok
Product Categories: Bicycle Security
Product Type: Cable Lock
Contact Rachel Evans
Telephone: 01792 712539
Grading: Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Silver

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