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OnGuard Mastiff Chain & Padlock 8019L (Bike Chain + Padlock)

The Magnum OnGuard Mastiff 8019L is a Sold Secure approved and tested Bike padlock and chain, with a bump proof cylinder in the padlock.

OnGuard chain locks offer bicycle owners extra length for locking versatility plus the highest level of security for use in high crime areas. Massive, titanium reinforced hexagonal links render hacksaws and bolt cutters virtually useless while tight inside link dimensions make prying impossible.

  • Titanium Enforced Hexagonal Steel Chain Link
  • Shackle 14Mm Hardened Steel
  • Z-Cylinder Is Bump Proof Resists Picking, Pulling Or Drilling
  • Chains made of titanium-reinforced, hardened steel links that resist cutting or prying
  • Chain cover protects paint and finishes, with an embroidered logo that won’t flake or wear off
  • Locking mechanisms secure the lock at multiple points: X4P Quattro Bolt shackles on models with separate shackle;
  • Locks use Z-cylinder tumbler mechanism that is bump-proof and resists picking, pulling, or drilling
  • Co-moulded crossbar cover protects finishes and all-metal endcaps provide protection against hits and drops
Company: Magnum Industries Limited
Product Categories: Bicycle Security
Product Type: Padlock & Chain
Contact Customer Service
Telephone: 07531 323552
Grading: Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Gold

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