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Milenco Wheel Clamp

The Original Wheelclamp encases the wheel to prevent rotation, providing a strong visual theft deterrent, and delivering exceptional, unsurpassed attack resistance.

The Milenco Original Wheelclamp is UK-made, and has been designed and engineered to far exceed the Sold Secure Gold and SCM MP03 standards.

Fits by locating the centre leg over the top of the wheel, and sliding the right leg into position. Then use the keys to unlock, before inserting the left leg, and turning the keys back again to lock the wheelclamp and prevent wheel rotation.

The high security lock is pick-proof and constructed from the highest quality steel, providing extreme resistance to drilling, sawing, hammering, freezing, and all other common forms of attack.

  • Simple to fit
  • Fits steel and alloy wheels
  • Heavy-duty security
  • Insurance approved
  • 5-year lock warranty included
  • Includes foam strip to protect your alloy wheels
  • Complete with 3 keys
Company: Milenco Limited
Product Categories: Caravan & Trailer Security
Product Type: Wheel Clamp
Contact Sales Office
Telephone: 01908 220 102
Grading: Caravan & Trailer - Gold

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