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Wraith 3 Wheel Lock

The Milenco Wraith 3 Caravan Wheel Lock is a Sold Secure approved Caravan Wheel Lock rated Sold Secure gold.

Designed to be compact, lightweight, and simple to fit, whilst achieving uncompromising security for your caravan. The Wraith 2 locks onto a special wheelbolt and wraps around the tyre to prevent rotation, providing a strong visual theft deterrent, and delivering exceptional, unsurpassed attack resistance.

Fits by replacing a caravan wheel bolt with the Wraith’s specially engineered Low-Mass Security Wheel Bolt Receiver. The Wraith 2 has a high-grade steel leg, that locates around the caravan wheel and prevents rotation. Then simply lock the Wraith 2 to the Wheel Bolt Receiver.

The high-security lock is pick-proof and constructed from the highest quality steel, providing extreme resistance to drilling, sawing, hammering, freezing, and all other common forms of attack. Housed within a high-visibility, non-corrosive plastic cover.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Simple to fit
  • Fits steel and alloy wheels
  • Heavy-duty security
  • Insurance approved
  • 5-year lock warranty included
  • Includes foam back to protect your alloy wheels
  • Complete with 3 keys and a carry case
Company: Milenco Limited
Product Categories: Caravan & Trailer Security
Product Type: Wheel Clamp
Contact Sales Office
Telephone: 01908 220 102
Grading: Caravan & Trailer - Gold

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