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Anti-Pinch Pin

The Pragmasis Anti-Pin Pin is a motorcycle security product approved by Sold Secure rated gold and diamond.

The Anti-Pinch Pin is a simple idea that seeks to address the common problem of people being unable to route a decent-sized chain through the frame of a lot of modern motorbikes. Hence, many people either put the chain just through the wheel, and obviously wheels can be removed and the bike can still be stolen.

Rather than needing space to take the chain, the Anti-Pinch Pin is basically a thick steel bar with an enlarged head at one end and only the bar part of it needs to go through the bike. It acts like a chain extender.

You loop the chain onto one or both ends of the Pin, with a Squire padlock clamping sideways onto a recess machined at the non-headed end of the Pin.

The large head at the other end of the Pin prevents the chain from dropping off and/or the Pin being pulled through the bike. A hardened Pin Washer is available to enlarge the effective head size further, where required.

This idea works even better on certain bikes that have large hollow rear axles: If the hole through the axle is big enough to take a broomhandle, it'll probably be perfect for the Anti-Pinch Pin to achieve a structural tether at the back of the bike, and you then get the advantage of using a shorter chain that is cheaper to buy and easier to handle!

Sold Secure and also Police Secured-by-Design approved. It is guaranteed *impossible* to bolt-crop by hand (even with 42" croppers) and at 24mm thick it is extremely resistant to sawing/cutting and hammering attacks. It is an ideal partner for the Protector 16mm and 19mm chains.

New: Upgraded Super, and Super Dooper Anti-Pinch Pins are now available, using special Tungsten Carbide inserts and other measures to deter grinder attacks. Ideally suited to the Protector 19mm and Protector 25mm Titan chains.

Supplied in a range of lengths to suit different bikes. Electrophoretically coated for maximum longevity. CNC machined. British Made.

Company: Pragmasis Ltd
Product Categories: Motorcycle Security Products
Product Type: Locking Bar
Contact Mr Stephen Briggs
Telephone: 01827 286267
Grading: Powered Cycle (Formerly Motorcycle) - Gold
Quad & ATV - Gold
Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Diamond
Automotive - Gold
Caravan & Trailer - Gold
Motor Scooter - Gold

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