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Protector 22mm Titan Chain

The Protector 22mm Titan chain is huge and recommended for extreme applications only! This version has a short-link design made from 22mm diameter steel bar that is guaranteed *impossible* to bolt-crop by hand (even with 42" croppers) and it offers the ultimate resistance to sawing/cutting and hammering attacks and can even deter thieves with grinders.

It is the highest rated chain on the market: Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond and Gold-level approval in every other category. and also Police Secured-by-Design approved.

A colossal security chain and a massive visual deterrent, in more ways than one!

We offer the Titan 22mm chain in three versions: One with specially machined end plates to suit the popular RoundLock, thereby achieving an excellent deterrent at a very competitive price, another with a special Elongated End Link (EEL version) to suit the Squire SS80CS – one of the largest production padlocks in the world – plus other extreme padlocks with sufficient capacity to take a 22mm chain, plus a Bare Ended version that is idea to use with our Anti-Pinch Pin.

This chain is electrophoretically coated for maximum longevity and is recommended for military/plant/commercial/agricultural security and other extremely demanding applications.

*Winner of the top two positions in the Bennetts Insurance tests, September 2018*

Company: Pragmasis Ltd
Product Categories: Motorcycle Security Products
Product Type: Chain
Contact Mr Stephen Briggs
Telephone: 01827 286267
Grading: Powered Cycle (Formerly Motorcycle) - Diamond
Quad & ATV - Gold
Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Diamond
Automotive - Gold
Caravan & Trailer - Gold
Motor Scooter - Gold

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