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Foldylock Clipster

The Foldylock Clipster is a Sold Secure silver rated bike folding lock which combines the flexible convenience of a cable lock with the hardened steel security of a D-Lock in a riveted sliding plate design, perfect where portability and ease of use are the top priorities. The Clipster takes the Foldylock ethos and goes a step further by integrating a clip to make it the world's first wearable folding bike lock.

The Clipster is built to achieve a Sold Secure Silver rating for reliable security when you need it, then easily clipped onto a belt or bag to go unnoticed when you don't. These locks are ideal for medium duration protection in towns and as a tough secondary lock for protecting wheels in city centres.


  • Just 18.9cm in length and 6cm wide with an 85cm circumference when locked
  • Super lightweight at just 1kg
  • Hardened Steel Links
  • Ultra Protected Rivets - Designed to withstand sawing and cutting
  • Anti-Drilling Cylinder
  • Rattle Elimination System prevents lock from shaking while riding
Company: Seatylock
Product Categories: Bicycle Security
Product Type: Folding Lock
Contact Tal Inovision
Telephone: -99531914
Grading: Pedal Cycle (Formerly Bicycle) - Silver

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