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Triumph-Artago 30XBT14

Double locking system with 10 mm hardened steel axle, ideal for maxi-scooters or where you cannot pass a 14mm axle or higher. Level bunker selection with the most exclusive high-end locks. Quality in every way: integration, functionality and resistance in the best results in comparative tests. SRA approved.

X2 ON: With or Without alarm, the user can choose whether to activate the independent electronic system or to use only the robust mechanical anti-theft device.

Alarm without installation: optimized sensitivity to perform the motorcycle alarm function but without installation costs or problems with the motorcycle battery.

DON'T TOUCH system: if anyone touches the motorcycle, tries to steal an accessory or you forget the anti-theft device, first the intelligent warning of progressive beeps is activated that stops if they stop touching the motorcycle, reserving the alarm for an attempted theft, highly functional and optimized from the rider's point of view

Disc-tech Art + technology the most advanced and secure anti-pick lock with the exclusive 5 mm anti-drill disc; compact and functional design, fits in your hand

3 high security keys with code key duplication service very useful in case of loss; replacement of the electronic module; As a separate accessory, it has 3 universal supports available depending on the type of attachment to the motorcycle.

Company: Artago Secure S.L.
Product Categories: Motorcycle Security Products
Product Type: Disc Lock
Contact Snr A Artagoitia Barea
Telephone: 0034 962531074
Grading: Powered Cycle (Formerly Motorcycle) - Gold

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