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The easiest way to search for an approved product is by approval category. You can find a list of approval categories with links to products approved in their respective areas here.

If however you'd like to do a more detailed search then you can use the boxes below to search for Sold Secure Approved Products

If you know the name of the item you are looking for then type it into the top keyword search box and click the orange "search" button. If however you are uncertain of the type of product required then please use the drop down boxes to assist you in your search. You may find it easier to click the "view all" under the product type box and then choose type of product, or alternatively click on the drop down menu for Grading. You can also type in the company name to search by manufacturer/supplier. When you've filled in the relevant box click on the orange "show" button to show approved products matching your search.

Please note that we base the 'product type' on information provided by the manufacturer/supplier. You may therefore find it easier to search only on grading to find the particular product you need. (Please note the boxes can be used independently of each other. Please also note that the abbreviation Com. stands for Commercial)


Products found: 99

Knockout Std U Lock

This product is sold with and without an extra cable. The cable is NOT part of the Sold Secure Accreditation

Kryptonite Ring Lock

The Optional Compatible Cable for this product is not part of the Sold Secure Testing/Accreditation

Onguard Bulldog LK8012

N.B. Only the D Shackle has passed the Sold Secure test. If sold with an additional cable part, then this part of the product has not passed and is only meant to provide a minimal level of security for accessories.

Oxford Alarm D Midi (260mm)

Alarm is NOT part of the Accreditation from Sold Secure.

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